The HPB Flagship Project has been Approved
Written by Ricardo Sanz   
Sunday, 03 February 2013
The Human Brain Project (HPB) has been approved. The proposal won the top European Science Funding as a FET Flagship Project. The project, in which UPM ASLab takes part, tries to reconstruct the brain, piece by piece, in supercomputer-based models and simulations and use them to create health and ICT technology.

The "Human Brain Project" (HBP) will build a large, multiobjective experimental facility to develop a detailed, running model of the human brain.

This model will be used to study how the human brain works and to develop technologies of applicability to humans -e.g. personalized treatment of neurological diseases- and artifacts -e.g. control systems for robots. This research lays the scientific and technical basis for neuro-inspired ICT technology that has the potential to improve enormously the quality of life of many people. Image

Visit the Human Brain Project website.
Get the Human Brain Project report for Europe.

UPM ASLab work is focused in the construction and operation of the Neurorobotics Facility. This is an experimental platform for the evaluation of robot control architectures that have been reverse-engineerned from the brain. The purpose of this work is the creation of bodies where to exploit the computer-based, simulated brains. The robot bodies will be both virtual and physical, offering tools (the HBP Virtual Robot Designer) to researchers to customize the bodies according to their needs to perform neuroscience or cognitive science experiments. Our specific work is mostly related to the real-time computing infrastructures that are needed to couple the brains with the bodies (the HBP Closed Loop Engine) and the support of HBP researchers in the use of the neurorobotics platform for their experiments.

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